The following is a list of working Rodeo committees with brief descriptions. Please review each and consider your own personal schedule and desire.

Rodeo Events & Grounds Committee
Responsible for all aspects of the rodeo stock events, conditions of grounds and arena, and equipment to be used. This will include collecting bids from turn-key rodeo event companies, presenting these to the Board, notifying the companies of the decision, then acting as liaison between the Rodeo stock contractor and the Board. Possible sub-committees for the Rodeo Events Committee will include Calf-scramble, Stick Horse, Mutton Busting, Derigging, facility/grounds, EMS, security, parking, bucking shoots, arena gates. Other sub-committees will be formed as needed. Deadline: bids from Rodeo Event Companies are submitted in October for consideration by the Board. Areas to be included with this committee will be the opening ceremony, bull fighters, special events, event rules, cowboy payout and add-ons, Grand/Reserve students, Cowboy events, children events, entry forms/fees, judges, stock supplies, trophies/buckles, announcer, gates, waiver, Cowboy parking, pens, barrels, time-clock, sound system, bleachers, arena dragging etc..

Ticket Sales Committee
Responsible for coordinating and organizing all areas of ticket sales, including number of boxes, number of box-seats, ticket prices, cash deposits, box ticket sponsors, box prices, pre-sale venue, collection of tickets at gate, printing box tickets, ticket sponsor, etc.

Concessions/Carnival Committee
Responsible for arranging for the Concessions and the Carnival to be run by a local organization (e.g. Lions/KC’s) coincident with the Rodeo. Deadline: Proposals of interested organizations should be submitted and approved by the Board of Directors a minimum of 3 months prior to the Rodeo. Details involved include location, revenue splits, security, insurance, etc.

Advertising/Promo Committee
Responsible for all communications between news media and the Board. This includes press releases and pictures throughout the year, and a thank you advertisement in the newspapers after the event. Deadline: A tentative calendar of publicity/advertising communications should be submitted to the Board in September for consideration. Thereafter, copies of press releases, articles, radio spots/PSAs, posters, KISD campus newsletters, banners, Mills Mall signage, billboard, etc. will be presented to the Board prior to publication. This committee will work closely with the Sponsorships/Sign Sales committee.

Sponsorships/Sign Sales Committee
Responsible for securing sponsors for the Rodeo, including a Rodeo Sponsor, Livestock Show, Parade Sponsor, Cattle Tent Sponsor, Carnival Sponsor, and others. Additional responsibility includes the coordination for production and placement of the signs for the Rodeo, including the number of signs, the locations for the signs, the size of the signs and the cost to produce the signs. Cost should be sponsors.

Legal/Risk Management Committee
Responsible for overseeing and ensuring that appropriate security, insurance and emergency services are arranged for the Livestock Show, Parade, Carnival and Rodeo.

Web Committee
Responsible for the web site. This includes information updates from KISD, KLSR sub-committees, Livestock Show committee, Livestock Sales committee, etc.

FFA Livestock Show/Sales Committee

Parade Committee

  •   Tony Ferguson, Chairman ( )

    Carnival Committee
  •   Wally Franklin, Chairman ( )

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